Sunday, June 27, 2010

Life Drawing Session # 10 - 3th July 2010

The next session will be a figure drawing session. It will be held on the 03th of July 2010 (Saturday) 6.30pm - 9.30pm!! The venue will be same as usual. The model will be Kim Hian, the very first model we started out our drawing journey with. We have been doing sitted poses and this time we think we should try a standing long pose. The plan will be 4x5mins warm up then followed by a 2.5hr long pose. So get ur pencils ready, and kim hian please do some warm-ups. :)

People with portable easels feel free to bring them. There will be some chairs and 1-2 tables.
Price will be $24 per person

We will be restricting the number of attendees to 10 because of the limited space, so sign up quick by adding your name in the comments. You should still sign up even when the limit has been reach so that we can notify you of empty seats if some people cannot make it in the end.

Call me at 97335261 when you are near the area.

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